Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis: extremely painful, slow healing and constant re-injury. Like many people I thought it would get better with time, or I can get through this. What is wrong with this picture? Being a bit older now and slower to heal and yet we do nothing for ourselves, I think the definition of insanity comes to mind. I had this type of injury to my other foot from hiking many years ago; it took almost two years to completely heal.
So after three months of limping along, gaining one day of only moderate pain then losing two or three with more severe shooting pain, I gave up. I called the office that morning and wanted to come that same day. I’m impatient, very true. Dr. Brian has treated many members of my family with Graston Technique with excellent results, why didn’t I call sooner? I know better. He was away the day I finally called.
Luckily for me, Dr. Erik is well versed in Graston too. Here’s the David Copperfield moment of this note, instantly feeling better! Ultrasound therapy followed by Graston gave me some immediate relief. Armed with stretching exercises and care techniques I headed home, and followed his instructions every day (and still do). Long story short, four weeks and eight visits later the pain is gone, yes gone. It’s amazing to heal that type of severe injury in that amount of time. Thank you for the wonderful care of Smith Health and Wellness Clinic and Dr. Erik!

I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done for me. I was having difficulties walking back in May of 2007 so I made an appointment with Dr. Brian. I had seen other chiropractors but none seemed to want to get me well. The treatment approach I had found at Smith Health and Wellness Clinic was very distinct as it was tailored to the patient and their physical issues. Because of this approach I was feeling better within three months. I began a maintenance program soon after and continued with it for three years until a recent episode. This time, Dr. Brian began a new treatment on me called the Graston Technique. My recovery time was significantly reduced and I found myself feeling complete relief in less than three weeks. I feel like a new man, thanks to Dr. Brian.

Back Pain and Allergies

While working with Dr. Brian, Dr. Shannon noticed that I had some redness and soreness in and around my eyes accompanied by a very red rash. I had always assumed that this was due to my allergies, however Dr. Shannon felt that it was more than that. He suggested that I take a saliva test in order to determine what exactly was going on in my body. Once we discovered the issue the doctor recommended I do a month long cleansing with organic vitamins. By the end of that month, I had felt better than I had in a long time. The allergies I had suffered with most of my adult life we not bothering me any longer.  I am now on a maintenance program with the vitamins and have been able to eat foods that I hadn’t been able to in quite some time. This vitamin regime was given me my life back and I couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Shannon.

Numbness and Tingling

I’d also like to mention that the girls at the front desk have always been so helpful, courteous and friendly. Thank you, Smith Health and Wellness Clinic.

This letter is a testimonial and letter of praise and gratitude for all at Smith Health and Wellness Clinic. I sought treatment after 2-3 years of waking all night long due to numbness and tingling of my arms and hands (thinking it was carpal tunnel and I would have to have surgery).
Let me begin by praising the front desk- Amber, Carrie and Linda who are always cheerful, friendly and accommodating (this means so much to a patient). They are always smiling, kind and helpful!

I began seeing Dr. Shannon who was treating my numbness with manipulation, stim and traction thinking it may be linked with my neck. He tried several different treatments for several weeks and when I wasn’t progressing as he would like liked he had the wisdom to consult Dr. Brian. I so respect a doctor who doesn’t propose to be good and “know it all” but instead seeks another opinion for the sake of his patients well being. Thumbs up to you Dr. Shannon~ you are my hero! I was then placed in the very caring, thorough hands of Dr. Brian who is successfully treating my problems- “thoracic outlet syndrome” with Graston technique. I’ll have to admit it seemed a bit strange at first- you feel as though you are being “buttered” like toast with stainless steel instruments – but I gave it a chance and I am sleeping through the night and rarely have the numbness and tingling. I am so grateful to these wonderful doctors for all their hard work!

Constant Pain

For my entire life I was sick, from the day I was born I was harming my body without knowing it. After 18 years of pain, trial medications, procedures and tests, I was finally diagnosed with HFI (Hereditary Fructose Intolerance). This is a rare genetic disease that causes the absence of Adalose-B, the enzyme within the body that is able to break down fructose, sucrose and sorbitol into glucose. If fructose is ingested it causes severe pain in the abdomen and ultimately causes damage to the liver and kidneys, causing failure to the organs and/or death. Little did I know the HFI caused many other issues with my body; such as a gall stones, non-functioning gall-bladder, chronic tonsillitis, acid reflux, hiadial hernia, estrogen dominance, ovarian cysts, etc, on top of the severe stress my body was under daily. After being diagnosed I thought I would feel better, lose weight, gain energy, be “normal” for the first time in my life, and perhaps even be pain free. This was not the case, until I met Dr. Shannon.

When I met Dr. Shannon it was the first time I felt that a doctor actually listened to everything that was wrong with me in the past and what symptoms were occurring. . He happily sat with me the first time we met, patiently and carefully noted everything that I mentioned. He gladly took all of the test results, diagnoses, research and everything else my mother and I had collected over the years from the numerous doctors and hospitals I visited. He had already done the research for my disease and understood the stress and pain my body was in before, and currently. He was so informed about dietary health and chemical balance, that it was a positive change to hear his wealth of knowledge, rather than teaching the doctor what my mother and I had uncovered from the internet. He even contacted other doctors to discuss the disease with them and to see if they had ever had a patient with HFI to gain even more insight.

It was so comforting to be understood by Dr. Shannon, rather than being told to stop researching possible solutions, or that “your daughter needs a mental evaluation because there is nothing wrong with her.” He listened to the symptoms rather than solely basing anything off blood tests, he realized that people can defy all text books, which most doctors I went to would not admit. Dr. Shannon did a saliva test, hair analysis and urine analysis to test different toxicities within my body. The tests supported his theories of what was going on within my body, I was iodine deficient, had toxic loading and was vitamin deficient. He put me on supplements to aid my body back to a normal balance, which helped immediately. Dr. Shannon used trigger points on my stomach to tell which organs needed help to recover from the damage of HFI and provided supplements to encourage healing of my liver, stomach, adrenals and thyroid. He provided guidance of how to get the nutrition I needed with the very limited diet I can eat and even came up with some new foods I could eat or slightly tweak the recipe so I could try something new. Despite the occasional setbacks in my recovery, Dr. Shannon stuck through all the illnesses that decreased my immune system even more than before and understood that there would be plenty of bad days to go along with the good. He encouraged me to have faith in my health and that I would one day be able to say that “I’m healthy” rather than continue to feel ill every day of my life.

Now, only 5 short months later I have never felt better in my entire life. I have more pain free days than painful days. I can even go weeks without having pain, which has never happened before. There is still a long road ahead of me, but for the first time I can actually see progress and tell that this is the right thing to do. Dr. Shannon is by far the best doctor I have ever been to and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I honestly believe Dr. Shannon saved my life, and cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. I don’t think that I would have ever experience a pain fee day or actually digested food without his help. There are no words for how thankful I truly am for his caring and understanding attitude during this rollercoaster of a ride that is my life. I’m ecstatic to have my life back and to continue my recovery with Dr. Shannon.


General Wellness for Child.

I want to thank Smith Health and Wellness Clinic for all their help and support in improving our son Samuel’s health. Dr. Shanon, in particular has been wonderful! We’ve been working with him for over a year now.  I can honestly say he has greatly improved Samuel’s health and spirit.   He has more than just helped my son, he has helped our family too.  There have been many times over the last 10 years that I've thought no one could help Sam.  However, after our first meeting with Dr. Shannon we had hope.   Dr. Shannon took the time to ask all the questions and piece together the puzzle.  He does so much more than chiropractic services.  He has a very holistic view of health and wellness.  His knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection have been invaluable. His use of different modalities and knowledge of nutrition provide a holistic approach to his work.  He was able to find out what was causing my son’s issues and implement a successful program for wellness.   We will always be grateful for the care, attention and knowledge given by Dr. Shannon and Smith Health and Wellness Clinic.

Dizzy Spells, Brain Diagnoses.

    By the time we met Dr. Shannon, we had been living every parent’s nightmare for several months.  Four months earlier my nine-year-old, Zach, had begun to have mild dizzy spells.  As time went on, his spells become more frequent and eventually took a frightening turn. The dizziness became much more intense and the spells were lasting much longer.  He began to experience sound distortion during the spells then mental confusion following each episode.  We were told that Zach might have a brain tumor and began an intensive series of tests.  For months we were referred to a variety of specialists.  No answers were found and Zach continued to suffer the intensifying spells. Fortunately, a friend suggested that we contact Dr. Shannon.

    Dr. Shannon met with us quickly and took a very detailed history of Zach’s health. He listened patiently to both the adults and to Zach himself as we described all that had been happening for the past several months. He explained his theory that Zach had been exposed to toxins and that his body had most likely reached a point where it could no longer function properly due to the toxic load.  Dr. Shannon took a hair sample and urine test from Zach. He then had Zach begin taking some supplements to treat his digestive issues while we waited for the results.  The tests proved Dr Shannon’s theory to be accurate. Zach had excessive levels of Bromide, Nickel, Aluminum and Cadmium. We immediately began a regimen of supplements that Dr Shannon provided to remove the toxins from Zach’s body. This diagnosis was overwhelming for us but Dr. Shannon’s vast knowledge about the sources of the toxins and the most effective methods to remove them from Zach’s system was both impressive and very comforting.  We were shocked to learn that ingredients in items our family ate/drank regularly (bread, pasta, Gatorade, etc) could cause such serious health problems!  Fortunately we found a doctor that was able to correctly diagnose and treat Zach so quickly and effectively.

    Throughout the process, our family was amazed by how well Dr Shannon related to Zach and to us.  After months of dealing with doctors who talked over us or down to us, it was wonderful to be treated with kindness and understanding.  Dr Shannon treated Zach with incredible gentleness and respect.  Once, after giving us a very detailed explanation of Zach’s condition and plan of treatment, Zach informed Dr Shannon that he did not understand what he had just said.  Instead of dismissing him, Dr Shannon patiently explained the situation in perfect terms for a nine year old.  I believe the way Dr Shannon related to Zachary throughout the process made it much easier for Zach to remain positive and enthusiastic through a difficult time.  Dr Shannon always told Zach that he could ask him questions or even just complain to him when he felt the need to do so.  Seeing Zach bond with the Dr made the process much easier for the family as well.  As parents, it is very hard to watch your child suffering through an illness and dealing with the required treatment.  Fortunately, Dr Shannon was there to support us as well!  His confidence was reassuring and his kindness made a difficult time more bearable for all of us.

    Three months after first meeting Dr Shannon, Zach is basically symptom free!  He continues to take the daily supplements and Dr Shannon will be retesting him soon. It has been amazing to see what a transformation there has been in Zach in just three months! We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Shannon for giving Zach his health back!

Chronic Stomach Issues.

    Dear Dr. Shannon:

    During the holiday season we are often reminded to be thankful, and to review the events of the previous year.  I therefore want to thank you, and share with you the events of our past year and earlier.  As you are well aware, my oldest daughter, age 12, had been having noticeable stomach pain since third grade.  I actually think it started earlier than that, but that I didn’t recognize it for what it was.  There was a period of more intense pain in fourth grade, but I was able to “explain it away.”  By the end of fifth grade and during her sixth grade, her stomach was significantly worse.  By the end of sixth grade, she was on two prescription drugs, one for acid reflux and one for irritable bowel.  She had had an ultrasound, blood work, and an upper GI scope.  The doctor removed two polyps and discovered esophagitis and gastritis.  By the time we came to see you, she was in pain more often than not, and her symptoms were worsening.  Our first appointment with you was at the end of August 2009.  You completed a hair analysis and put her on a variety of dietary supplements.  Since that time, she has had only one noteworthy stomach ache and it lasted only a few hours.  As you can imagine, this is an amazing change.  She was so sick last Christmas that we hardly enjoyed the holiday.  This year, you have given us the very best Christmas present imaginable.  She is well.  On behalf of my daughter and my entire family, we cannot say “thank you,” enough.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, Dr. Frank, Dr. Brian, Dotty, Jodi, Carrie, and Amber.


I cannot thank you enough for the impact you made on my family during this past year. I have known you for 3 years now but it wasn't until I really listened to what you were saying when you mentioned that as a parent who looks after their children by taking them to both a dentist and a family physician for a yearly check up we should also include Chiropractic care as a routine check up as well. I did not grow up in a Chiropractic environment. But you had made a good point. When I brought my daughter to see you I was expecting you to say she is fine, beautiful, and a tip or two to keep her spine healthy.

    Never had I expected to see her spine with a small curvature. SCOLIOSIS. Oh my God! How could this happen to my child. Immediately I began to cry. This was all my fault. I did this to her. Would she grow up with a spine that would eventually keep her from enjoying the life I dreamed ofher having. I was so overwhelmed. But Dr. Shannon, it was you who kept me together. Immediately you brought in Dr. Frank and Dr. Brian into consultation on my daughters treatment.

    I didn't realize it then but I had 3 Dr.'s looking at my child all with opinions of treatment and outcome. Collectively, I watched each of you watch the progress ofmy daughter. Our visits became those that included the warmth ofyour entire staff. Because I had not a Chiropractic background I fully trusted your word with my daughters care. At the end ofeight months, it was time for a follow up x-ray. I couldn't even stand to look when you turned on the switch to read them. I began to cry again and walk away. All those feelings were coming back of the memories I had only eight months earlier. Again, I was comforted by you. When I did find the courage to face the x-rays I found you smiling.

    My daughters spine looked straight. Her curvature was corrected by those many months oftraction, adjustments, foot lifts, and changes in our habits at home that included the correct way to wear a backpack, the proper way to sit, stand, walk and sleep. Because I listened to you that day, my daughter still had a chance. Her spine was not fully grown at 11 and there was hope. I can only think if I was not there the day you spoke and missed those words that I will remember for the rest ofmy life. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I not only know you but had the sense to trust you. Dr. Shannon, Dr. Frank, and Dr. Brian took my worst nightmare and provided me with the top professional care that I needed to correct my daughters problem. As far as I am concerned SmithHealth and Wellness Clinic will always be a part of our healthy lives. And when I see you down the road, I will be smiling as I remember you doing so when you showed me that last x-ray. You passion is in your work and your dreams included my child. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Upper Respiratory Issues and Overall Health.

   In 2004, our 7-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with one ear infection after another. She was on a daily regiment of Zyrtec, yet we were still finding ourselves in the doctor's office every other month. Her eyes were sunken and her complexion was constantlly pale and ashey. She looked tired all day long.

    By December of that year, she had suffered through pneumonia and the ear specialist was telling us that it was time to make an appointment to discuss having tubes inserted in her ears. Somehow, I knew there had to be something else. Before I subjected her to the complexities of anesthesia and the invasiveness of this tube procedure, I prayed for another choice.

    We were at our wits end, when a fateful conversation I had with her first grade teacher (who's brother was a chiropractor) turned our lives around. It was an answer to my prayer. She told us about the great success of this non-invasive, drug free treatment of chiropractic care that we had never considered. She shared with us many stories of parents and children in the same situation who had become healthier and ear-infection-free as a result of this course of treatment. Why not try it? We had nothing to lose.

    I arranged to meet with Dr. Frank Smith and the rest is history. He took so much time to educate us and help us understand the process of treating the cause, and not the symptoms. Our daughter began receiving spinal adjustments immediately. She loved it! We immediately eliminated things in her diet that acted as triggers and to begin the de-tox of her system. Within a few months, the child was energetic and symptom-free. In the five years since, she has only required antibiotics on two occasions (and one of those was questionable!). Two times in FIVE years!

    She visits Smith Health and Wellness Clinic every six weeks or so, unless she's starting to feel symptoms. Then, we take her in to 'turn the power on' as Dr. Frank likes to say. Her body is ready to fight the illness and we've seen that any illness she has lasts a fraction of the time it used to. In addition, the symptoms/effects are far-less severe than they had been prior to this treatment. She visits her pediatrician only once/year for an annual check-up that the school requires. As a mother, it is a great relief to see your child healthy and not dependent on a regular recipe of antibiotics and other over-the-counter drugs. Dr. Frank, Brian, and Shannon and their wonderful staff are good people who truly care about bringing your child (and you) back to optimal health and we are grateful for all that they've done for our family.